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Faringdon Folly Tower and Woodland

This unique 100ft tower is Faringdon’s icon and the last major folly to be built in England. It sits on Folly Hill, within a charming woodland of splendid Scots Pine, some more than 200 years old. Fantastic views over 5 counties. Find out about the history of Folly Hill, Henry James Pye, Oliver Cromwell and the very eccentric Lord Berners (the creator of the Tower). Seek out 24 black birds, Cromwell’s cannon, the many birds and animal sculptures lurking among the trees- there's even a giraffe. ( Find the full list in Things to do on the Folly website) The Folly Tower is open twice a month from April to October. 11am - 5pm. The woodland is always open and entry is free. The Tower is available for private bookings throughout the year. The Tower and Woodland are privately owned by the Faringdon Folly Tower Trust. Charity No. 284795. It is not public land but we allow the general public to have permissive access.

11am to 5pm
Stanford Road, Faringdon, Oxon SN7 8EP
Sun 7 Aug 22

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