Oil - Water - Clay

Oil - Water - Clay OIL - WATER - CLAY NIGEL LAMBERT - Potter. Marietta Voke - Artist. Catherine Murray - Photographer Wednesday 25th May - Saturday 2nd July - 10am - 4.30pm Private View: Tuesday 24th May 6pm-8pm. Husband and wife Mariette Voke and Nigel Lambert are sharing the gallery at Found for this combined exhibition. Mariette trained as a potter in Cornwall and made large garden pots and sculptures for nearly 20 years, before switching to painting in 2003. Marietta retains an enduring love for pottery and ceramics, which often form the subject of her still life paintings. She has a love of colour and a passion for painting fabrics and clothing; drawing on her own collection of 1950's dresses and jackets, linking these with treasured objects to create a story in paint. Nigel Lambert has been making pots from his Forest of Dean workshop for over 30 years. Since training in Cornwall (where he met Marietta) and Devon, slip decorated wood fired earthenware has been a fascination and love. The abstract cobalt brush marks he makes, have been distilled through the years. Strongly influenced by function, Nigel feels his pots come alive when set on the dinner table full of colourful food. Catherine Murray started life as a set designer and architectural illustrator, focusing predominantly around the controlled built environment, which became increasingly at odds with her long-term love of exploration of the landscape. She is now most comfortable with a camera in hand and strives to capture moments that provoke and emotional response, by seeking out locations to create images of inspiring places - sometimes wide-open spaces, sometimes close details - typically capturing the presence of nature and sculptural quality of our environment in strongly defined landforms, changing weather and ambient light.

Wednesday 25th May - Saturday 2nd July 2022
Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 4.30pm
Private View: Tuesday 24th May 6pm - 8pm
Found Gallery, 1 Bulwark, Brecon LD3 7LB Details >
Wed 25 May 22

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