Will Tell and the Big Bad Baron

Fringe favourites Theatre Fideri Fidera are back with a hilarious comic reimagining of the tale of Wilhelm Tell. Will Tell and the Big Bad Baron introduces a new legendary figure to British drama: the great Swiss freedom fighter Wilhelm Tell who fought against the rule of the Austrian Hungarian empire and famously shot an apple off his child’s head with his crossbow. Don’t miss this mad-cap comic adventure which promises capers around a castle, medieval dancing, a damsel in distress, a ‘Punch and Judy’ show on the battlements, disguise, gender role reversal and a joust to the death with life-size kinetic puppets – all joined together with six amazing original songs. Inspired by the stories of Sir Lancelot and Robin Hood, feisty heroine Wilhelmina disguises herself as a knight and, with pots and pans for armour and her donkey Rosina for a steed, rides off to rescue her father from the wicked Baron’s deepest darkest dungeon. Wilhelmina knows all about standing up to tyrants and fighting for freedom but nothing has quite prepared her for when the Baron’s daughter Edeltraut falls madly in love with her and asks to be rescued too.

Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 21st August 2022 (not 10th, 17th), 12:00

Preview: £7
Midweek: £13 (£11)
Weekend: £15 (£113)
Gilded Balloon (Patter Hoose), 3 Chambers Street EH1 1HT Details >
Wed 3 Aug 22

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