Today I Killed My Very First Bird

Pacey, powerful, and heartbreakingly authentic, Today I Killed My Very First Bird explores hope and despair, combining immersive sound and bold storytelling to create a vivid and visceral theatrical experience. Theatre Royal Plymouth and Voodoo Monkeys co-produce an unflinching, relentless and stomach-churning new play based on writer and performer Jason Brownlee’s lived experience. A Southeast London gangster starts to lose his grip on reality when he’s forced to look back at the traumatic childhood that made him who he is. The more he remembers, the more brutal he becomes. But, just when he’s offered a second chance, it might all be too late. Today I Killed My Very First Bird is a brutal and poetic story of crime, addiction and redemption. Performed by Brownlee, along with four other cast members, almost entirely seated, the production uses his unique authentic voice to create a potent, dramatic world. Pivoting from extreme representations of poverty to deeply spiritual explorations of what it means to truly recover and escape the legacy that has been pre-determined for you, the lived experience cries out through Brownlee’s writing.

Wednesday 3rd – Monday 29th August 2022 (not 10th, 17th), 14:10PM

Preview: £7
Midweek: £12 (£10.50)
Weekend: £13.50 (£12)
Pleasance Courtyard (Beside), 60 Pleasance EH8 9TJ Details >
Wed 3 Aug 22

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