BucketRace (Scavenger Hunt) Summer Scavenger Hunt

Grab your sunglasses, or raincoat, and go head to head with teams in the Summer Scavenger Hunt. This is not your ordinary scavenger hunt. Teams will complete a range of tasks across around the centre of London. Get creative this summer! Explore the hidden gems London has to offer, while competing against other teams. On top of our central London scavenger hunt, all our seasonal scavenger hunts involve an additional list of seasonal challenges, as well the option to play in a seasonal themed game. Our classic central London scavenger hunt game, finds teams following a route around some of London’s most iconic sites, while interacting with various landmarks in order to complete tasks and challenges, to earn their team points. If you complete enough challenges in series you will unlock hefty bonus points! Our seasonal games have been designed so they balance evenly against our classic scavenger hunt, meaning any team can win! BucketRaces goal is for participants to discover new places, activities and hidden gems within London, while meeting like-minded people and competing in a fun and friendly environment. All you need is a well-charged smartphone (more than one per team is advised), and comfy footwear. BucketRace will provide the rest. Tasks Examples Central London: Central London: Read out Shakespeare in front of Shakespeare | Take a perspective photo of Big Ben | Photobomb a selfie in front of Buckingham Palace | Perform a next to Hyde Park's bandstand. Summer Miscellaneous: Crab walk across a zebra crossing | Wear an oversized sun hat | Eat a berry with a straw | Ride

Time of event - 12:00 - 16:00

Standard Entry:
£15 Per Person

Standard Entry + A BucketRace T-Shirt:
£27 Per Person
Golden Square, Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 9HR Details >
Sat 27 Aug 22

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