1169 and All That: Ireland’s Tumultuous History

Live online Zoom talk. Ireland’s tumultuous history, especially over the past 500 years, is a story of successive waves of invasion, land confiscation, famine, banishment, slavery, emigration and other vast movements of population. Rosalind McCutcheon and Jill Williams cover all of this. Plus they look at an earlier period of the island’s history, when it was a centre of peace and learning that drew visitors from many countries. They describe the early social system. And they tell us about the fascinating legal system, known as the Brehon Laws. These are now the second oldest set of codified laws in the world. They are being examined anew by legal experts in this century, to see if any of the precepts, which include rights for women, no capital punishment, no prisons and protection for the disabled, can be applied to our present world. You can join Ros and Jill for a Questions session at the end of the talk.

One-hour live Zoom talk: Saturday 8 August 4 - 5 pm BST and Thursday 13 August 2 - 3 pm BST
Cost of one talk: £10 or £5 if you are a Member of the SoG.
The day before each talk (the one that you have booked on) we will email you an invitation which includes a password and link to the talk - remember to check your spam folder! Please ensure you use the same user name that you used at booking, to login to the talk on the day.
Virtual Event
Sat 8 Aug 20

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