Into the woods, It’s time to go. I hate to leave, I have to, though... An enchanted forest where reality and fantasy collide where nothing and nobody is what they appear to be. Who can be trusted in this distorted landscape and who is to blame for wrong turnings, confusing directions and dead ends? Our story begins in a clearing, where a Baker and his wife dream of having a child, Jack confides his wishes to his best friend - Milky White; a red caped adolescent attracts the lecherous attention of an omnivorous mammal and a girl with golden slippers is off to a Festival - possibly - if she ever manages to make her mind up. Every character has a journey to make, a variety of pathways to follow but will their wishes lead to happiness and happy ever-afters? Can they stay on the ‘straight and narrow’ paths, which seemed so clear-cut at the beginning? PLEASE NOTE This is not recommended for children.

Tickets cost £16 7:30pm each evening plus a 2:30pm matinee on Saturday
Tickets can be purchased from, calling 01244 375662 or visiting Chester tourist info office
St Marys Centre Chester
Wed 10 Apr 19

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