Edinburgh Science Festival - Health Trackers: Help or Hindrance?

As we settle into the digital age, increasing numbers of people are turning to fitness trackers to tell them about their activity and give nudges to help improve their health. Trackers collect a huge amount of data on us, from our date of birth to our daily movements. Today we ask: could the data be used to improve human health, or is it just a privacy and security risk? Panelists include Beverley Bryant, former director of digital technology for NHS England, Dr Lukasz Piwek, researcher in smart wearables’ data, and Dr Paul Patras, lecturer in cyber security. Hosted by fitness writer Nick Harris-Fry.

£8.50/£6.50/#SCIFIVE £5
Pleasance Quaker Studio EH8 9TJ
Sat 13 Apr 19

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