Artists by Artists: Sculpted Portraits in the 19th century

By the 19th century the cult of the artist had been well and truly established, resulting in a great desire by patrons, collectors and fellow artists to record and also own representations of creative genius. Artists by Artists at Stuart Lochhead Sculpture will feature rarely seen likenesses of artistic virtuosi Degas, GĂ©ricault, Ingres, Victor Hugo and Rodin, encompassing a variety of format and media, from mask to roundel and bronze to plaster. The fashion was not just for the representations of artists; artists were also concerned with preserving the memory of their teachers, or that of towering figures who had a powerful influence over the art of their times. Some of the most striking and evocative images were created by sculptors, either in the form of a memorial, a statuette or a treasured bust, which in some cases could be perceived as the embodiment of the artist himself.

Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 6.00 pm
Stuart Lochhead Sculpture, Upper Floor, 35 Bury Street SW1Y 6AU
Tue 18 Jun 19

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