Talk: Honey from Flower to Jar

Honey bees and flowers co-evolved over the last 130 million years to be completely dependent on each other. Like many animals, humans love honey. But we’ve also learnt how to use other products from the honey bee colonies, such as beeswax, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom. Master Beekeeper Marin Anastasov explores how bees find suitable flowers, collect nectar, bring it to the colony, and make it into honey. He will also look at bee behaviour and how 50,000 individuals in a colony communicate with each other to form an effective and cohesive unit. For further details about Winterbourne Medieval Barn Trust see website   and WMBT Registered Charity number 1112908

The talk will take place in the Cartshed at Winterbourne Medieval Barn starting at 7pm.
Tickets are £5. Book online at . There may be some tickets available on the door but this cannot be guaranteed.
Winterbourne Medieval Barn, Church Lane, Winterbourne BS36 1SE
Thu 17 Oct 19

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