Plant a Tree at Half Price

Plant a Tree at Half Price TREE PLANTING TIME AGAIN SAVE THE PLANET BY PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS. Plant big for a future together.New report reveals #reforestation is one of the most effective strategies for #ClimateChange mitigation. We must plant more trees????, support restoration organisations and invest wisely. Lots of species, native and otherwise. CORONAVIRUS ALERT..... OUR TREES WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE TO PLANT AT ANY LATER DATE AS THEY ARE ALL IN POTS. BELIEVE ME... I AM SURE THEY WILL STILL ENJOY THE FREEDOM OF BEING 'LET LOOSE'.

Open Sunday to Sunday 11am to 4pm All trees will be £15 or less depending on size and maturity.
Obvs.... some slightly more. Shrubs less.
Kents Farm, Austen Fen LN11 0NX
Today to Thu 1 Sep

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