World of Whales with Becky Thorns

oin illustrator Becky Thorns at the National Maritime Museum, to create wonderful deep-sea creatures, inspired by her book The World of Whales.Join a subaquatic crafting workshop to follow agile fins and flukes, learn about what they look like, and replicate them in your self made underwater creatures.  You probably already know that whales aren’t fish, but did you know they are mammals, just like us humans, who need to hold their breath under water?  In the workshop we visually explore many interesting things about these fantastic animals, looking at the habits and characteristics that make the many species of this family so special. From the stealthy orcas that traverse the seas, to the beautiful songs of humpbacks and the booming calls of the blue whales, we immerse ourselves in the lives of these grandiose swimmers, and create our own mini version to take home.

See website link below to check dates, times and prices. Listing provided by Fantastic for Families
National Maritime Museum Park Row Greenwich London SE10 9NF
Sun 1 Nov 20

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