The Mystery of the Noisy Neighbour: a Christmas adventure

Gather the whole family together to enjoy this interactive nativity full of fun, laughter and Christmas cheer. As you discover who the noisy neighbour is you will get to choose which characters to interview and what questions to ask. Each adventure will be unique and will bring that much needed festive fun in 2020. Solve the mystery and meet Father Christmas ?? Help Maximilian, the detective mouse, by collecting clues and coins. Once you’ve solved the mystery you will receive a message from Father Christmas himself! This will be best played on a computer but will also work on phones and tablets. It is aimed at kids but will also be fun for young people and adults alike. Sign up today Sign up at Do you live in Bexley? For the first 100 people who live in Bexley (South East London) we can provide you with an even richer experience for you and your family, including a FREE personalised message from Father Christmas. Once you have signed up select the option to say you live in Bexley and follow the instructions. Be quick as the offer is limited to the first 100 sign-ups. Have a great festive season and stay safe.

The event is free and once signed up you will be emailed a link when it is available which will work throughout December.
Virtual Event
Mon 7 Dec 20

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