Morris and other creatures. Exhibition of art, dance and music

MORRIS AND OTHER CREATURES in MALVERN TOWN Morris Dancing Begins around 10.30am. approx. near The Malvern Hills Gallery at the Elgar Island , top of Church Street , in Abbey Gateway and possibly in the courtyard of The Old Cons club Church street. Dancing will travel down Church St. at approx.12 noon each day. arriving at the Coachhouse theatre at approx 1pm. for dancers to get hot drinks, and to dance there Till approx 5pm each day or till dancers are tired. There will also be musical entertainment off and on all day from String Box accoustic. Here you can visit the art exhibition as local artists and students will be showing and selling their work related to the subject above. Use of the Coach House Theatre area is supported by Malvern Hills Town Council and The Elmley Foundation. There is also a Children's art competition , application forms available in local shops. Many lovely prizes. Entries plus 50p taken at the Malvern Hills Gallery by 17th November. children to enter the art competition, (please leave entry forms plus 50p fee at The Malvern Hills Gallery 1 Worcs Rd. near the Unicorn, closing date Weds 17th November 2021. Masks may be worn if appropriate and to allow space where possible for safe dancing of Morris people and musicians. Several Morris sides will dance in Malvern both Morris dancing groups are invited to book spaces for dancing throughout this event via Jill M Peer Safety standards must be adhered to and also up to date Covid restrictions. Masks may be worn if appropriate and allow space where possible for safe dancing of Morris. people and musicians. which is supported by the Elmley Foundation as part of the Artist's recovery Enterprise. It is an exhibition of students and local artists work partly relating to aspects of the Morris Tradition. Items will be on sale for a week following the event. Speak to Jill M Peer on 0775495-939 for more information till 6pm approx. Free entry to exhibitions. Dancers may be collecting for thier charities in the usual manner.
The Coach house theatre, various shops and parts of Church Street, Malvern and including The Malvern Hills Gallery Children’s Art Competition . WR14 3HA
Sat 16 Oct 21

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