Changing Horizons

This exhibition 'Changing Horizons' brings together the work of four Cambridgeshire arists who work in different mediums, but have a common fascination with landscape, and in particular with the unique landscape of the Fens. Rose Scott works with screen-printing to build up layers or colour, exploring ways to realise her vision. Rose is inspired by land and seascapes which she simplifies, abstracts and captures the effects of the weather, season or the time of day. Rose's aim is to achieve a peaceful and meditative effect. The effects of weathering, erosion and decay provides a constant source of reference for Stephen Murfitt in his development of ideas used in his Raku-fired ceramic forms and vessels. His influences are taken from a fusion of elements seen in the natural and built environments. Terry Beard's work is made as a response to her environment in the Huntingdonshire Fens. She analyses ways of conveying a sense of depth and form using abstract marks and gestures, using acrylic, monotype and collage to capture the essence of place. Molten glass from the furnace demands a challenging translation into blown forms of nuanced colours and patterns. Having left London 10 years ago Stewart Hearn has been powerfully influenced by the controlled arable farming in Fenland with its intense weather and seasons. This collection reflects an extraordinary scale of material intensity.

Tuesdays - Sundays 12pm - 4pm
Free Entry
The Babylon Gallery, Waterside, ELY CB7 4AU
Thu 28 Oct 21

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