Net Zero, Warm Homes and Green Jobs

Last year the Government introduced the Green Homes Grants scheme to encourage increased energy efficiency in our homes by covering up to two thirds of the eligible costs of retrofits. Beset by problems with the supply chain, the scheme has now been extended beyond the initial March 2020 deadline.

With the help of our expert speakers, we will explore the role of home retrofitting for energy conservation and generation, in the reduction of carbon emissions and fuel poverty and also as a vehicle for building back better in terms of economic recovery and Green job creation.

In our event our speakers will take a strategic look at the role of retrofitting the existing housing stock in achieving net zero emissions, and the benefits this could provide to people’s wellbeing and the economy.

The focus of the meeting will be on identifying the practical and political actions needed to scale up the process, including extending schemes such as the Green Homes Grant but also through buildings standards, regulatory oversight and - importantly - investment in training programmes to provide the relevant skills.

19:30 Welcome
19:40 Context: importance of whole house retrofit in reaching net zero
19:50 Cosy Homes Oxfordshire model & experience/learning
20:05 Developing the supply chain
20:20 Green jobs investment in West Oxon
20:30 Discussion: What can we do to accelerate progress?
21:00 Close

Dr Helen Gavin (Chair)
Geordie Stewart
Cllr. Liz Reason
Dr Gavin Killip
Cllr. Andrew Prosser

This event is open to the public, so do spread the word among your friends and on your networks.
19:30 - 21:30
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