Ade Adesina RSA : Contradictions

Sarah Wiseman Gallery is delighted to announce ‘Contradictions’ a solo exhibition by the award -winning artist Ade Adesina. In this ambitious exhibition, Ade is set to reveal one of his largest lino-cut prints to date.

His exhibition Contradictions – defined as set of ideas or statements which are opposed to one another- will investigate a range of themes that often appear in his work, such as climate change, migration, global conflict and politics.

His preferred medium is lino-cut. Each work is an intricate, laboriously made narrative image, the artist carving and cutting into the surface to create a relief surface on which the print is made. Ade likes to work intuitively, rather than planning each work.

He has said of his process; ‘I work in a very strange way. Every print, sculpture or painting owns a story; it is like reading a novel. There are different characters coming in at different chapters. I don’t find it interesting knowing where a piece of work is going to end before I begin. I can start on the earth and end on the moon. What I enjoy most includes not knowing what direction a piece of work is going.’

Buildings and machinery, even cities, appear in scorched deserts; winged sharks circle above in the sky along with dark suns and strange, ominous weather. Contrasting imagery from different cultures makes for intriguing works, his influences ranging from his native Nigeria to recent travels in Italy, Germany and the Scottish Islands. The 'Tree of Life', the African Baobab tree, is a recurring motif, often standing alone as an emblem of survival, depicted completely surrounded by sprawling human civilisation or in a ruined wasteland. In other works, the tree is at the hands of beetle-like machines, cutting and sawing into it. Visually striking and complex, these works urge the viewer to reflect on the past, the present and the future.
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