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This is a Past Event and has been archived.

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Increasing Connection to Spirit

During our journey of life we may become aware that we are Spirit and that the Spirit World is all around us. When we consider that we are spiritual beings housed in a physical body this can bring about some magical and beautiful changes within.

Our inner-self or spirit self is our etheric body which is an eternal part of us and has been with us forever and will be with us forever. It is the energetic part of us which carries on in the World of Spirit after a physical death. It enables our Soul to continue learning and evolving while in the Spirit World and on Earth.

Once we can connect with the beautiful energetic part of ourselves, our inner self, we can then begin to connect with the Spirit World, connecting within then without.

When we connect with the Spirit we need to raise our vibrational and Spirit need to learn how to lower theirs so we can connect and communication is able to flow. Only then can inspiration and communication from Spirit be achieved.

One of the biggest challenges of Mediumship is how to achieve clear and concise communication from the Spirit and pass it on to the living recipient in a way that they can understand and know it to be true.

To be totally honest there are no short cuts to achieving this state of awareness and connectedness. It is an attunement to the Spirit which we are working towards, just like when we tune in our radio to get the correct frequency. Mediumship is no different as we are learning to tune into Spirit so we can achieve the correct frequency and ultimately be able to communicate with Spirit in a natural and flowing way.

During this 1 day seminar we will be looking at ways which you can increase your own vibrational frequency using tools
10.30am til 4pm

£35 per person includes tea, coffee, herbal teas, water and refreshment
Glastonbury Somerset
Sat 1 October
This is a Past Event and has been archived.

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