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The Land Where I Would Be - Janine Burrows

Through her evocative collection, “The Land Where I Would Be,” Burrows invites viewers on a personal journey through the enchanting landscapes of Alnmouth, Northumberland.
Burrows, a true Northumbrian at heart, draws inspiration from the profound connection she feels with her homeland. Her artistic prowess lies in her ability to interpret and convey the essence of Northumberland, capturing its unique allure in her own inimitable way. With each brushstroke, Burrows explores the places and spaces that ignite her creativity, offering a glimpse into the profound impact they have on her artistic expression.
“The Land Where I Would Be” is an ode to the path traversed by Burrows and her Northumbrian heritage. The exhibition promises to be a celebration of the region’s rich history and natural beauty, providing a captivating insight into the artist’s intimate connection with the Northumbrian coast. These initial works, while exuding a certain moody ambiance, serve as a testament to the artist’s profound yearning to make this land her permanent home.
Janine has recently captivated audiences with her solo exhibition at the renowned Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Her ability to evoke emotion and capture the essence of the landscapes she portrays has garnered critical acclaim.
As the seasons change, so too does Burrows’ artistic vision. While the initial collection may convey a certain moodiness, the artist assures us that there are also uplifting, bright, and bold works in progress. The exhibition promises to be a dynamic blend of emotions, mirroring the ebb and flow of the seasons that shape Northumberland’s scenic splendor.
Janine Burrows’ masterful creations encapsulate the very essence of Northumberland, invoking a sense of wonder and nostalgia within the viewer. The Old School Gallery is honored to showcase her poignant artwork, which serves
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