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Jan 2020 events    

More details - Noisy Nativity
Bristol’s much loved Kid Carpet gives the traditional Christmas story a radical remix with big beat songs, live special effects, puppetry and animation. Prepare for the wonkiest Nativity ever! Kid Carpet is putting on the local Christmas Nativity show, but no one has turned up to audition. Aye Carumba!
Tobacco Factory Theatres Raleigh Road Southville Bristol
Wed 4 Dec 19 to Sun 5 Jan 2020

More details - Seed Fair and Potato Day
NOT-TO-MISS great winter event in Bristol for all home gardeners and allotment holders. Many varieties of vegetable and herb seeds for sale including heritage varieties. MANY SEED POTATO VARIETIES for sale - earliest to maincrop. ORGANIC SEED Vegetables and Herbs. Flower seed including wildflowers.
WINDMILL HILL CITY FARM, Philip Street, Bedminster, Bristol
Sun 12 Jan 20

More details - Daliso Chaponda - Blah Blah Blacklist Tour 2019
In his hilarious, daring new show ‘Blah Blah Blacklist’ Daliso looks at disgraced blacklisted celebrities and historical figures we’re ashamed we once admired and who now have let us down.
Redgrave Theatre, Percival Rd, Bristol
Thu 30 Jan 20

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