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More details - On Bear Ridge
“ONE MINUTE WE HAD CUSTOMERS, THE NEXT MINUTE THERE WAS NO-ONE.” In a lost village, blurred by redrawn borders, hidden under a crumb on the map, Bear Ridge Stores still stands.
Sherman Theatre Senghennydd Rd
Fri 20 Sep 19 to Sat 5 Oct

More details - The Iris Prize
Iris Is The Home of LGBT+ Filmmaking. A BAFTA-qualifying festival, Iris has also been identified as one of the best 50 film festivals in the world for filmmakers by MovieMaker Magazine 4 years in a row. The festival prides itself on sharing the very best of LGBT+ filmmaking in Cardiff each October.
Cardiff Cardiff
Tue 8 Oct 19 to Sun 13 Oct

More details - Swn Festival
Swn Festival is an award-winning multi-venue music festival based entirely in Cardiff’s city centre, which has been running since 2007. Since it’s inception, the festival has been focused on new music, emerging artists and homegrown acts.
Cardiff Cardiff
Fri 18 Oct 19 to Sun 20 Oct

More details - Hedda Gabler
Norway, 1890. Hedda Gabler is fiercely intelligent and ambitious. In another time, in another place she could perhaps achieve anything she put her mind to but not here, not now. Newly married, Hedda is powerless, bored and stifled.
Sherman Theatre Senghennydd Rd
Fri 18 Oct 19 to Sat 2 Nov

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