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Today to Tue 15 Oct within - 20 + miles

More details - Music Club for children. Piano, singing and other instruments.
This is a music club for children aged between 5 and 12 Children learn singing, how to play the piano, guitars, drums and other instruments Children have the right to enjoy a free trial day
8B Carlton Crescent, Southampton
Today, Tue 24 Sep, Tue 1 Oct, Tue 8 Oct, Tue 15 Oct, Tue 22 Oct

More details - Book Club for women
For September, we are reading Sincerity, a collection of poems by Carol Ann Duffy. Hosted by Sotonettes WI, this book club has a general ‘female’ theme such as female authors and leading characters, but we are always open to suggestions.
Maritimo Lounge, 1 Moresby Tower Admirals Quay, Ocean Way, Southampton

More details - The story of Winchester
Heritage Open Day: Throughout the festival period the City Museum are hosting a range of events to celebrate Winchester’s past, in addition to the usual exhibits which tell the story of Winchester.
Winchester City Museum, The Square, Winchester
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - A Celebration of Hampshire's Seasons
Heritage Open Day: To mark the 200th anniversary of John Keats’ poem To Autumn, a specially curated exhibition has been created to showcase the works of Hampshire children. The poems and artworks celebrate Hampshire’s seasons.
Winchester City Museum, The Square, Winchester
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - Bees; we cannot live without them
Heritage Open Day: The only reason for being a bee that I know of is making honey....’ Such was the opinion of Winnie the Pooh but was he right? Why not come along to our family friendly display and find out more Bees are always a welcome addition to any garden but they also play a vital role in our existence.
Open House Deli, 4a Middle Brook Street, Winchester
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - Piecaramba!: Back to the Future.
Heritage Open Day: Did you know that during World War II, 11 Parchment Street was in fact a pie shop! Go back in time with our display of photos from yesteryear, as well as some history of the humble pie.
Piecaramba, 11A Parchment Street, Winchester
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - Extraordinary Women of Hampshire - part 2!
Heritage Open Day: Following the success of last year’s Extraordinary Women Exhibition, we take another look at more of Hampshire’s notable figures as well as featuring some additional women whose extraordinary lives or achievements equally deserve to be recognised.
Hampshire Archives & Local Studies, Hampshire Record Office, Sussex Street, Winchester
Today to Sat 21 Sep

More details - Hampshire's Food & Drink Exhibition
Heritage Open Day: A fun, informative look at the history behind some of our Hampshire fare and some of the many foods that we have grown up with that are dear to the nation. Winchester has sometimes been referred to as the foodie capital of Hampshire.
The Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, Winchester
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - Seek to Sea More! Neat and Tide-y
Heritage Open Day: Plenty of activity and info for children about being a beach eco champion! Learn how to help keep your local beach clean and plastic-free. All explored within The Book Shop space, with plenty to read, watch and try. Leaflets to take home and share with your friends.
The Book Shop, 142 High Street, Lee-on-the-Solent

More details - Eyes Along the Coast
Heritage Open Day: Wherever there is a National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) station, a watchkeeper will be looking out for danger and ensuring safety on the water and along the coastline.
Coastwatch Lookout Station, Beach Road Car Park, Marine Parade East, Gosport
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - An Afternoon with Wendy WU
Join our lymington branch of Fred.Olsen Travel Agents at Stanwell House with Wendy Wu. Wendy Wu is the UK’s number 1 China and Japan specialists who offer a wide range of incredible tours in fascinating countries. We will have a Wendy Wu specialist in store to answer any questions you may have...
Stanwell House Hotel 14-15 High Street Lymington

More details - WWI Cartoons: 'Fragments from France'
Heritage Open Day: Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, who served in France, became world-famous during the First World War for his ‘Fragments from France’ cartoons depicting life at the Front. Enjoy the humour in this display about his work.
The Alverbank House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport
Today to Fri 20 Sep, Sun 22 Sep

More details - Lost Souls - A WWI Family Story
Heritage Open Day: The story of a great-grandmother’s life and how The Great War affected her family. Local lady, Bren Margetts, shares this emotional story in a way which captivates an audience and leaves them speechless at the hardship and sadness which was endured. Bring a hanky!
The Alverbank House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport
Today, Thu 19 Sep

More details - WW1 Gosport - Peace at Last
Heritage Open Day: ’Peace at Last’ was the culmination of three projects* which looked at the role of Gosport and its people during 1914-1918. It was completed in November 2018 to mark 100 years since the end of The Great War (WW1).
The Alverbank House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport
Today to Fri 20 Sep, Sun 22 Sep

More details - 'The Gosport Area: memories and photos' Facebook Exhibition
Heritage Open Day: This Facebook Group has over 22,000 members from near and far, all associated with Gosport in some way and loving its heritage. The exhibition brings some of the best images from their virtual vault into hard copy for all to view.
The Alverbank House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport
Today to Fri 20 Sep, Sun 22 Sep

More details - Who was the great Smith-Barry?
Heritage Open Day: During the early stages of WW1, the casualty rates at flight training centres worldwide were remarkably high with more pilots lost during training than actually in combat! Bloody encounters in the sky gave Major R. R.
The Alverbank House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport

More details - Scrap Happy Quilters display
Heritage Open Day: View a stunning selection of handmade quilts, designed this year on the theme of ’architecture’ Talented local quilters have designed and pieced together these small-scale shows of their work.
Gosport Discovery Centre, High Street, Gosport
Today to Sat 21 Sep

More details - Woodlanders Art Exhibition and Sale
September in Burley can mean only one thing, The Woodlanders are back! The Woodies as we are affectionately known are a group of artists and craftworkers, many of whom are professional, who come together once a year to exhibit at the village hall in Burley.
Burley Village Hall Pound Lane, Burley
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - Phoenix Lodge Rooms 110 High St. Old Portsmouth
Heritage Open Day: Free Admission to one of Portsmouth’s historic buildings, Phoenix Lodge Rooms 110 High Street Old Portsmouth.
110 High Street, Portsmouth
Today to Sun 22 Sep

More details - JCPF Fareham Holistic Centre
Every Wednesday - Walk-in clinic - no appointment is necessary JCPF Holistic Health Clinics are regular weekly events staffed by trained qualified Healers.
Northwest Fareham Community Centre, Henry Cort Drive
Wed 18 Sep, Wed 25 Sep, Wed 2 Oct, Wed 9 Oct, Wed 16 Oct, Wed 23 Oct

More details - Winchester City Mill - 2019 Milling Demonstrations
Visit on a milling day and see our team of volunteer millers in action as they harness the power of the River Itchen to turn waterwheels, gears and millstones to produce Winchester City Mill’s traditional wholemeal flour.
Winchester City Mill, Bridge Street, Winchester
Wed 18 Sep, Sat 21 Sep, Sun 22 Sep, Wed 25 Sep, Sat 28 Sep, Sun 29 Sep, Wed 2 Oct, Sat 5 Oct, Sun 6 Oct

More details - It’s Storytime! Free sessions in the galleries
All ages are welcome at Fort Nelson, so why not join us, every third Wednesday of the month, with under 5s for our free Storytime session in the galleries featuring popular children’s tales.
Royal Armouries Fort Nelson,, Portsdown Hill Road
Wed 18 Sep 19

More details - Old House at Home D-Day Quiz
Heritage Open Day: Hardway was a major embarkation point for British and Canadian forces on their way to Normandy in June 1944. The Old House at Home is sited a stone’s throw from that historic water’s edge so the perfect venue for this special quiz.
The Old House at Home, 92 Priory Road, Gosport
Wed 18 Sep 19

More details - The Vic Hutfield Story - life and Adventures of a Gosport Engineer
Heritage Open Day: Vic Hutfield was a pioneer in the transport world in the early 20th century, ambitiously building an array of vehicles and planes in his home town of Gosport. Vic’s greatest achievements must be constructing aircraft.
The Alverbank House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport
Wed 18 Sep 19

More details - Bay House and Alver House: noble houses and their occupants
Heritage Open Day: Find out about the two lovely Victorian noble houses which sit close to the shoreline at Stokes Bay, overlooking the Isle of Wight. Bay House has a rich history which can be traced back to 1838. It was designed by a well-known architect of the day as a seaside getaway for Lord Ashburton.
The Alverbank House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport
Wed 18 Sep, Fri 20 Sep

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