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More details - Wellbrook Beetling Mill - Mill Walks and Talks (Cloned) (Cloned)
Sebastian Graham of Mills of Northern Ireland, along with Area Ranger Sophie Atkinson, will host our third walk and talk of the season. Explore the Linen Industry and try your hand at natural dye and rush band making. On 29 August at 6.
Wellbrook Beetling Mill, 20 Wellbrook Road, Corkhill, Cookstown
Thu 29 Aug 19

More details - INTO FILM FESTIVAL - Coco
Despite his familys longstanding ban on music and the affection he holds for them, 12-year-old Miguel is desperate to play and cant help but go against their wishes. Aspiring to be like his idol, the celebrated Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel attempts to borrow the deceased stars guitar to play in a village talent contest.
Omniplex Dungannon, Oaks Rd, Dungannon, Tyrone
Wed 21 Nov 18

More details - INTO FILM FESTIVAL - Journey's End
1918. World War One is in its fourth year and there is a stalemate in the trenches of Northern France, although rumours are spreading amongst the British that an imminent German offensive may break the deadlock.
Omniplex Dungannon, Oaks Rd, Dungannon, Tyrone
Tue 20 Nov 18

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