Laughing Horse Presents: Bex's Chainsaw Moussaka

Laughing Horse Presents: Bex’s Chainsaw Moussaka
There’ll be no storytelling, no deep meaning about relationships, no moral messages near the end... but there might just be quick-fire jokes, dark wordplay, oddball characters, off-the-wall impressions and - if you’re lucky - some meaty layers between those aubergines.
2018 Pebble Trust Award-winner Bex is back in force with her high energy work in progress stand-up comedy show full of lots of weird stuff you weren’t expecting: guaranteed!
Come with her on an unexpected whimsical journey as she tries to embrace her neurodiverse side. Her show explores how it affected her growing up, how it affects her now and whether she needs to change.

Charming and hilarious love child of Tommy Cooper, Eddie Izzard and Victoria Wood (Sajeela Kershi - comedian and host of 'Comedy Cottage' and 'The Immigrant Diaries')
“Darkly nonsensical” (Will Noble, The Londonist 2021)
Bex was a Quarter Finalist for Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2018, won the Pebble Trust Brighton Fringe Award 2018 and was a Runner Up for the Alternative New Comedian of the Year 2016.
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Free/non ticketed
Laughing Horse @ City Cafe (Nineties Room). 19 Blair Street, Venue 85, Edinburgh County EH1 1QR
Sat 20 Aug to Sun 28 August
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