Thursday July 31, 2014

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"Thank you for the services of It proved extremely beneficial, including bringing in many unknown stallholders with interesting exhibits. Will use again, many thanks." - Val, Stratford St Mary Country Fair

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1751 events posted in the last 7 days. This is a selection:

West Midlands - input today at 22:31, event on 9 Aug 14: Coffee & Cake

Bristol - input today at 22:04, event on 6 Aug 14: Black Hole Comedy

London - input today at 21:54, event on 30 Aug 14: Learn to Dance in a Day... Solo Charleston

London - input today at 21:36, event on 17 Aug 14: Learn to Dance in a Day... Lindy Hop

London - input today at 21:25, event on 10 Aug 14: Learn to Dance in a Day... Lindy Hop

Staffordshire - input today at 21:25, event on 4 Aug 14: Community Event :Learn Together Week

London - input today at 21:17, event on 9 Aug 14: Learn to Dance in a Day... Lindy Hop

West Yorkshire - input today at 21:07, event on 10 Aug 14: Summer Garden Party

Lincolnshire - input today at 20:49, event on 2 Aug 14: WW1 Centenary Commemoration Event Saturday 2nd August 2014

Hertfordshire - input today at 20:26, event on 6 Sep 14: Open Studios hertfordshire

Kent - input today at 20:04, event on 27 Sep 14: Take a Trance With Me

Cornwall - input today at 19:42, event on 7 Sep 14: Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival 2014 Torpoint - Ecumenical Evening Prayer

Cornwall - input today at 19:38, event on 7 Sep 14: Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival 2014 Torpoint - Cornish language morning

East Sussex - input today at 19:15, event on 7 Sep 14: Heart of Sussex Sponsored Horse Ride

Cornwall - input today at 19:06, event on 6 Sep 14: Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival 2014 Torpoint - Gala Concert

Things to do around the UK and in your local area?

If you're looking for things to do today, tomorrow, next weekend, then you've come to the right place. is the UK's most comprehensive listing of family and community events - thousands upon thousands of interesting what's on ideas which you can search by date, place and event type. is also the place to promote your own event - there is no charge and organisers report a far better response than local newspapers and other (often expensive) media. covers the whole country, but is essentially local. For example, on just one day, events you could have found through included: open gardens in Berkshire; fetes in Norfolk; a ghost hunt in Hertfordshire; peregrine falcons over central London; a traditional circus in Wiltshire; championship cricket in Surrey; pond dipping in Yorkshire; charity abseiling in Derbyshire; afternoon tea in a Kent manor house; an open day at an animal rescue centre in Merseyside; a free classical music concert in Somerset; watersports experience sessions in Birmingham; flower shows in Dorset; morris dancing in Shropshire; food festival in Aberdeenshire; green woodworking demonstration in Gloucestershire. And many hundreds more.

And's listings are never out of date. The system moves all past events into an archive automatically. So you can still find last year's festivals in London, ballet performances in Edinburgh, art shows in Cardiff, or open studios in Belfast if you need to.

Users can sign up to receive early personal email alerts of events which will particuraly interest them. So whether you fancy going along to the launch of a new zumba fitness class in Glasgow; relaxing at an Elvis tribute night in Sheffield; building a kite in Bristol; watching an outdoor Shakespeare play in Manchester or a Mela in Leicester...a alert will prove invaluable.

Are you holidaying in the UK? Then there's no better way to plan your time. Simply key in the county you're staying and when you're going on the home page - and there's your personalised holiday event list. Surfing weekend in Cornwall; lifeboat open day near Plymouth; spinning and weaving demonstration in Pembrokeshire; heritage steam train in Yorkshire; free air show in Bournemouth; boat trip to see seals off the Devon coast; sheepdog trials in Lancashire; gliding in Hereford...plenty of event ideas for every interest.

Literally hundreds of organisers post events every day. In just one hour, the events list increased with news of a comedy night in Essex; a brass band playing in a Hampshire brewery; a church tea party in Coventry; six music evenings in Sussex; a wedding fayre in Staffordshire; a football tournament in Reading; a tour of an Olympic Games facility; and the launch of a new children's playpark in London. Many organisers represent charities, promoting events of every type, such as a fun run in Lincolnshire; coffee morning in Nottingham; flag day in Oxfordshire; sponsored walk in the Cotswolds ...

One last thing - also features listings of Attractions which are open all or a good part of the year. They may include castles in Northumberland; Galleries in London; Museums in Wales; Heritage centres in Scotland; theme parks in the West Midlands; a cathedral in Dorset, a nature centre in Cheshire.

Plenty of ideas for you and your family....never be bored again!

John South and Kimble Earl
Founders of WhereCanWeGo

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"Thanks for a great service" - Rob, Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

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